Oswald Building Services has been keeping workplaces safe for 20+ years.

Times are changing, and we change with them.

For over 20 years Oswald Building Services has provided exceptional service to our clients. We utilize our expert knowledge to serve as a critical part of their team in protecting the health and cleanliness of their facility. Our team provides valuable insight into the cleaning and disinfection of their property. Our mission is to be the best partner a business has ever had.

Why Choose Oswald Building Services​

Partnership.  You trust Oswald Building Services with the safety and cleanliness of your facility.  We in turn apply our expertise to help enhance the professional image that you wish to project beyond the typical buyer-contractor relationship.  Working together to achieve common goals with honesty, integrity, and fairness in everything we do.

Innovation.  Through utilization of new industry changing productivity equipment we clean and disinfect more effectively and efficiently when compared to traditional systems of cleaning

Devotion to quality.  Oswald Building Services quality assurance representatives, whose reports go directly to our president, conduct interviews with tenants and on-site property managers, independent of our operations management.  The results of these surveys – good, bad, or indifferent are available to you.

Leaders in promoting indoor air quality and fighting sick building syndrome. We understand these issues and act in our customer’s best interest.  That’s a major reason we use products that promote sustainability. 

Hiring & Training

We believe that careful employee selection and training are important ingredients in a professional-level cleaning program.  Hence, we interview and thoroughly screen candidates for ability, character, and temperament.  We consider only those candidates with proper work credentials.
We staff a new building from three sources:
  • Existing employees working at the building
  • Current Oswald Building Services employees at other locations
  • Most importantly, we often hire based on referrals by Oswald Building Services employees
We find that this approach minimizes the learning period. 
The current contractor’s employees, whom we may hire after screening, interviewing, testing, and evaluating their performance, will be trained in our techniques and procedures.
We screen potential new hires by performing local background checks and assessing candidates based on a satisfactory work history.  At least two, and sometimes three, Oswald Building Services personnel are involved in the hiring process of each new individual.  If all of them agree that the candidate would be a good Oswald Building Services employee, then and only then, is the person hired.
All employees are informed of Oswald Building Services’ strong position of a work environment that respects everyone.  Each employee is required to sign a statement indicating that the employee understands the company’s policies and is given information on discrimination or sexual harassment and what to do if the employee observes or is subjected to discrimination or sexual harassment. 


​If you would like to inquire about our service programs or would like to speak with an Oswald Building Services representative please contact us.​
Did you know?

Oswald Building Services is a GBAC Star Facility and Star Service with GBAC-Trained Technicians. Our organization is committed to delivering the best for your needs.