Oswald Building Services provides everything your building needs to stay clean.

Clean workspaces boost productivity.

A clean environment for your employees is crucial to their health, happiness, and productivity. It all starts with devising a start-up plan that will focus on your buildings needs and requirements.
Upon contract notification and to ensure we get off to a productive start, an experienced operations manager will be assigned to Prospect’s facilities.
There may be several priority items or issues that you know in advance will require Oswald Building Service’s attention soon after start-up.  To guarantee that we work on your highest priorities first, we suggest a meeting prior to start-up in which you and Oswald Building Services together formulate a plan of action to address your most important objectives.
During the week prior to our start-up, Oswald Building Services proposes to host a “get to know you” breakfast on site to introduce our management and supervisory staff to you and other representatives of Prospect who might act as liaisons to us.  If you believe it would be beneficial, we would be pleased to host such a breakfast on a quarterly basis.
Additionally, in an effort for continuous improvement, Oswald Building Services will establish a data communication link between our office and your facility.  This could enhance daily communications through electronic mail (email), as well as allow us to explore together the benefits of electronic document interchange (EDI).  We believe that Oswald Building Services is unique among cleaning contractors in being able to offer such capabilities.


  • Annual Cleaning Programs
  • Deep Clean & Disinfection Plans
  • Floor Maintenance Programs
  • Carpet Maintenance Programs
  • Window Cleaning Programs
  • Pressure Washing Programs
  • Day Porter Services


​If you would like to inquire about our service programs or would like to speak with an Oswald Building Services representative please contact us.​
Did you know?

Oswald Building Services is a GBAC Star Facility and Star Service with GBAC-Trained Technicians. Our organization is committed to delivering the best for your needs.