Top Ways a Clean Office Boosts Productivity

Top Ways a Clean Office Boosts Productivity


Have you ever been in a room with a bunch of people, and no one was quite sure who was in charge? It’s the worst. Imagine that same scenario but with dirt and grime, like a dirty office space. I mean, it doesn’t have to be dirty—it just probably isn’t being cleaned as often as it should be. Doesn’t that sound awful? Well, luckily for us all (and our colleagues across the world), there are some pretty simple ways we can keep our offices tidy and organized so that everyone feels at their best when they’re working together.

A clean office is a more productive office.

In this modern age, you may find that your office is a hub of activity. You may have several employees working there and multiple people walking in and out on any given day. When the workplace is cluttered with junk mail and stacks of folders, it can be distracting for everyone involved.

So let’s say you’re ready to start cleaning up your office space. First off, congratulations! It’ll feel good to simplify things—and it will make your business run more smoothly in the long term as well. Here are some ways that cleaning up your workspace can help increase productivity:

  • Cleanliness breeds efficiency—no one wants to work in an environment where they have to move piles of paper every time they need access to something important or get distracted by clutter when they should be focused on their work at hand. By keeping things neat and orderly, you eliminate another source of distraction that could slow down progress on projects or cause people unnecessary stress while getting things done.* A clean office makes everyone happier—the person who cleans up after themselves feels better than those who don’t care enough about keeping their workspace tidy (don’t worry though—we know what we’re doing). This makes them more likely to come into work with a positive attitude which leads directly back into increased productivity levels.* A clean workspace helps foster teamwork—when people don’t feel like their surroundings reflect how important they are at work then there’s little incentive for collaboration between departments because no one wants someone else messing up their stuff! By making sure everyone has access

A dirty office doesn’t need to be a germ factory.

A dirty office doesn’t need to be a germ factory. Take the time to clean your office regularly, and you’ll be much less likely to have people visiting with colds or the flu. Here are some tips for keeping things clean:

  • Use disinfectant spray on surfaces that get touched often, like keyboard keys and mouse pads.
  • Put hand sanitizer in the bathroom so that when people wash their hands, they’re also disinfecting them as well! That way there’s no excuse for not washing up after using the bathroom or handling food when you’re out of the house working at client sites (or in this case, if you work from home).

A clean office is an efficient office.

A clean office is a more efficient office. It’s easier to concentrate when you aren’t surrounded by clutter, and it’s also easier for your employees to focus when they aren’t distracted by messes or unkempt areas.

A clean office means fewer sick days because germ-ridden surfaces are less likely to make someone sick. Employees who are healthier will be happier, which makes them more productive. Cleanliness leads to better employee morale, which can improve their overall attitude toward work and help attract new hires in the future.

A clean workspace leads to fewer accidents as well: it’s harder for people who are distracted by clutter or unclean surfaces to notice whether there’s broken glass on the floor or slippery spots on stairs (and if you have a lot of glassware around, this could lead to serious injuries).

A clean office is an equalizer.

A clean office is a more productive office.

One of the most significant benefits of keeping your workspace clean and organized is that it keeps things running smoothly. If you have a messy desk, you will waste time looking for things and be less productive overall. A clean work environment also helps to keep morale up among all employees—a dirty or cluttered space can cause feelings of frustration and stress, while an orderly environment promotes cooperation and efficiency. Furthermore, maintaining good hygiene standards in the workplace reduces the risk of infection or illness among employees by minimizing exposure to pathogens (such as bacteria) that may be present on surfaces such as keyboards, phones or papers scattered around the office

Come on, people.

A clean office is a happy office. When people walk into an office space, they subconsciously make assumptions about the business based on how it looks. If it’s messy and disorganized, they’re more likely to assume that the company is unprofessional or has poor management. A clean workspace says: “We care about our employees and want them to be comfortable.”

Cleaner offices also mean healthier employees—and happier ones too! Cleaning can help reduce stress levels and improve focus, which leads directly to productivity increases across the board. Not only that—but if you have allergies or asthma like me (ugh), some studies have shown that having a clean workspace can actually reduce allergy symptoms by as much as 50 percent.[1]

Bottom line: You should keep your office tidy because it’s good for morale, good for productivity and ultimately good for business!


There are many ways to keep your office clean, but we’ve found these tips to be the most effective. Make sure you have a write-up of your company’s policies on how they will handle cleaning tasks so employees can follow them during their day without worry or confusion over who gets what job when they come in each morning. Finally, don’t forget about the benefits of having a clean workplace: it makes employees more productive!

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