Will a Clever Robot Build Your Next Building?

Will a Clever Robot Build Your Next Building?

By Greg Zimmerman via Facilities Net

Drones have long been used to capture images above construction projects, giving contractors, architects, and building owners alike a better picture of how the facility fits on its site and addresses the other buildings around it. Drone images are able to give a robust and more detailed visual representation of the building in progress.

Now this idea is being advanced truly to the next level with some fascinating technology the world got to know during this year’s Super Bowl in Los Angeles. During the Super Bowl, a robot with a camera attached and mounted on a series of wires zoomed around the stadium, capturing images of the game never before seen.

According to FastCompany, a new technology called CU-Brick does something similar, only this time, the robot is capable of literally stacking bricks on top of each other, potentially high above a construction site. Eventually, the robot may be able to actually contribute meaningfully to the construction of buildings. The technology is being tested on a few small proof-of-concept projects in Hong Kong, where it was developed.

Of course, the technology will not completely automate the construction process. Humans will still be required. But FastCompany reports that the creators of this technology see it as a game-changer for the construction industry as it’ll improve the accuracy, speed, and most importantly, safety of construction projects.


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